Clash Royale

What are you doing normally at your free time? In this digital world we are used to play games with our android most of the time in our free time and of course when we feel bored we are playing games. So here comes an interesting real-time game that you can play freely in your android. That is Clash Royale Apk.

You will be able to have fun with your beloved characters in the clash of clans including giants, barbarian kings, wall breakers, archers and many more characters that you love.The games are duals where you will be able to fight with other players all over the world in the arena. The Clash Royale is an easy game to play and of course it is forthright. You can face to thousands of battles in the arena with multiplayers. There you have to fight with some enemy kings and princesses and have to knock down their towers while protecting your towers from them. If you are aged more than 13 years you can play this wonderful game to have some fun.

There in playing game you have to collect some cards featuring Clash of Clans troops, spells and also defences. You can defeat your enemies and win trophies. And also you can win crowns and be the hero of the battles. The game allows both the players to play simultaneously and that feature is somewhat different than the other, each player will possess two towers as defence towers and also possess one central tower. To win you have to destroy the central tower of the opponent.


Once you earn chests you will be able to unlock your rewards and will be able to collect powerful new cards and there by you will be able to upgrade the prevailing cards. And of course you will get a chance to create your own clan and you can share card through it. It will give you a break to create your own battle community too.

One of the most attractive feature related to this game Clash Royale is that you can play this without paying. But if you want some advance features you can pay and download some features too. But that is not compulsory to have an endless fun and joy of playing Clash Royale.

The other smart feature of this Clash Royale apk is that each and very battle last only for about one to three minutes. That means you if you are bored you can just relax your mind within a very short period of time especially in anywhere at any time.

The other feature that I love is the cool graphics of the game. It is similar to the original clash of clans and really I love the graphics. I am sure that you will also love the graphics there regardless of your age. You can download this game for free using AC Market. If you are unable to download this game from Play Store, just use AC Market. AC Market is the best alternative you can have for Play Store.

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