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MovieBase can be known as the best exploring and tracking app for most of the movie lovers. But you have to keep in mind that you can’t play movies via this tracking app. Because this is only for the tracking of such famous products. You can track the movies, tv-series and other all famous tv and web programs here. There is the largest database upon the movie base apk. That is the TMDB. The users can get access to the media content in the movie base. Make the interface customize by using the various options that you had along with the moviebase apk.

Features of the moviebase apk

Discovering more records

There are more huge collections of movies and other records. All of the records will be the most trending and popular ones. Actually you are a beneficial person because you could get all in one place.

There are various catalogs here. Those can be grouped as the marvel universe and Disney. Just after that the users can open their favorite one on Netflix and other apps.  Explore many more genres to feel amusing.

Create your own evening program

Explore anything that you want to enjoy. Just search it by the name of the actor, genre, or else with the name of the film. Find the related genres for the one that you are searching for. Get personal recommendations from your favorite ones.

Keep track on what you want

Mark the things that you wanted to watch. Mark all the contents that you have watched already. Create your all favourites in one place by naming it as a collection. Customization can be done by using the present facilities.

You can check yourselves the next time that the tv is airing. Sort the items by the name, release date, and the date that have added the item. Also the viewers are able to check the progress of the times that they have already watched. And follow the popular people in the movie base. Rate the videos you have seen previously.

The contents you need

Ratings and comments about something that you wanted can be read. There are many posters and images in high resolution. Those all things can be seen by any user. 

Watch the trailers that have released recently. If you want to know more further facts, you are allowed for it. The users are capable of knowing the running time, title, and facts about the production.


You can open movies and films by using IMDB. And share the contents with all your friends freely. Join the discussions that you wanted to know more details. Backup the data within your movie base. Just backup and share the files that you wanted to. And export or import the files within a few minutes.

Advanced designs

There are many more designs included here. You can access multiple designs out of here. The more recognizable items here tend to make this new design more interesting. And even this movie base is along with an efficient and clean design too.

International focus

There are more international communities that have paid attention to the moviebase apk. That is officially supported for over 39 languages here. Also the movie base has widely spread over 180 countries.

Requirements for the usage

In order to use this moviebase, you are required with a device along with the android version of the 6.0 and upwards.


Due to the all-exclusive features, over 500,000 individuals have joined the stated movie base. 

In-app purchases

The app has to be paid by users. By paying, the users have to get some features here. That is not a large amount. Also there are many more features that can be used for free totally even. 

Contain ads

There are some ads contained in here. Those ads will not disturb you. 

This app push new features and bug fixes in order to provide better user experience. Below listed some of the few changes added with latest updates.

  • Autosaved the last searched items 
  • Blur the comments that you wanted 
  • Widgets of the android 
  • The bugs have fixed 
  • Many improvements can be seen 

You can download this app for Android using AC Market. AC Market offers all the apps and game for free. The moviebase is a popular app along with many more features. Definitely every user will get more cool experience by the utilizing the moviebase apk



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