October 5, 2023

Microsoft OneNote Tips: 10 Awesome Ways To Work With OneNote

When using the layout in the digital notebook, Microsoft OneNote could be a spot to produce, gather, store, and search notes. It is a great program to setup information which will not match the dwelling of among the other Office programs. And, should you store notebooks within your network or even inside the cloud, you will get important data from multiple devices additionally to inform others.

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What Can Enter OneNote?

With OneNote, you can organize notes by sections and pages in notebooks. These notes may include:




Webpages & Other Hyperlinks

Images, Sketches & Media


Data business Office Programs

OneNote Tips: Content You’ll Be Able To Insert

OneNote is certainly an very flexible application that may contain a variety of content. You aren’t restricted to page size or even a vertical line structure. The Insert Ribbon tab provides you with ideas of the kind of products you’ll be able to insert into OneNote. Let us explore these OneNote tips and even more.

Record Audio or Video: It’s not necessary to utilize smartphone to record meeting notes or event video. Simply capture videos or audio recording directly within OneNote. It is also simple to trim it and playback the audio or video.

File Document: Would you like to capture a document without checking data or developing a PDF? At work program, simply choose Send to OneNote as being a printer choice. By using this option, you can specify the specific notebook, section, and page where you need to capture the document. You may also insert a document from OneNote.

File Attachment: Every time a document is not needed, give a file attachment rather. The file may be opened up up up from OneNote even though the attachment does not backlink for that source file that might have been updated.

Hyperlinks: Your OneNote notebooks may also store links to webpages, emails or files within your network.

Tables and Spreadsheets: When your notes require a more structured look or even calculations, give a table or spreadsheet having a notebook page. OneNote even supports equations and symbols for more detailed records.

Beginning starting time and date Stamps: Whenever you create notes, adding to begin dating ? and/or time stamp helps document your comments and additions specifically when discussing notebooks with other people.

Tags, Tasks, and to Do Products: Organize information as action products by assigning tags to individual notes or products. A Tag flags a product obtaining a label for example To Complete item, Important, or Question. You will find these options within your house Ribbon tab or use keyboard shortcuts, for example [Ctrl] 1 for To Complete to mark an e-mail. Tags may be looked throughout notebooks in order to easily be located. To follow along with, check a To Complete Tag when completed or send to Outlook to produce an Outlook task.

Customized Pages: Although a rigid page structure isn’t needed for OneNote, you will probably find easier to make use of some pages by modifying the style of the page. Inside the View Ribbon tab, modify the page color, select from numerous ruled lines, or personalize the scale and layout in the page view.

Sketches: Obtaining a touchscreen device or laptop along with a stylus, you may also create shapes and freehand sketches along with colors and widths. You’ll uncover these choices underneath the Draw Ribbon tab. Without obtaining a touchscreen or stylus, OneNote might also support drawing obtaining a mouse. No under if you are a much better artist than I’m!

Ink to Text or Ink to Math: Like the drawing tools, you may earn freehand text in your notes. In situation your handwriting is readable, pick the Ink to Text feature to modify your conntacting text.

Explore these OneNote tips to expand all the different ways that you should create, capture, and edit important content in your OneNote notebooks.

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