April 22, 2024

Does using VPN will increase your browsing speed?

A VPN service offers tons of benefits related to privacy and security. However, one thing, which people didn’t become aware of is that it will make your internet faster too. How can it is possible for a VPN to make your browsing speed faster and why it may happen. Previous to explaining further, let us establish some interesting facts. 

Very often, a VPN will decrease your internet speed. Yes, your browsing speed tends to decrease though you have an effective and healthy internet connection and you have added a proxy server and encryption to it. But, a number of users may experience high internet speed while utilizing a VPN. Despite they are not majorities, their cases enable us to have an outstanding glance at how VPN enhances your internet life.

How a VPN relates to bandwidth throttling?

Everyone should know the duty of an ISP is to regularly practice bandwidth shaping and throttling. In particular, ISPs slow or limit some kinds of traffic to assure all their users get an average and optimistic browsing experience. But, ISPs now institute fast lanes to make profits. So, it inspects your traffic and does bandwidth shaping and throttling to slow down your traffic depending on different circumstances including slowing large file downloads, video streaming, and peer-peer file transferring.  

If you let NordVPN encrypt your traffic, it will hide your traffic so that your ISP cannot able to see your activities. Doing so would prevent the ISP from identifying your traffic for shaping or throttling. If users regularly subject to VPN practices, they will surely experience better internet speed. This is likely to be the most common way through which VPNs improves your online activities.

Incompetent ISP routing:

Chances are less for your ISP to send your traffic over the best possible route all the time. This is due to numerous potential reasons. However, this is because of the traffic target, which is quite longer than there actually should be. At times, using a VPN service could break the ineffective chain connections as the NordVPN masks the arriving and heading point of your traffic. Therefore, your ISP may transfer it over an unusual path than it generally transfers your data. In this case, a VPN increases your online speed when you connect every time.

Are you having a free VPN?

The reasons why you should not use a free VPN can be many and lower internet speed is significant among them. Mostly, free VPNs spend less money on infrastructure that has overcrowded servers. Since they lack the essential resources to enhance their software, they cannot provide a wide range of connections to different countries. All these make the end-user to experience a poor connection!

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