What is Affiliate Marketing, which is one of the most preferred marketing strategies through social media today, and how does the advertising process of brands work? We’ve compiled all these answers for you!

Affiliate marketing works under the power of communication and the influence of people. Affiliate marketing, which is the version of the word “word of mouth” put into practice in marketing, starts when consumers buy the product by getting information from a source.

For affiliate marketing, the size of the business that wants to advertise is not important. Small and start-up businesses can also advertise with budget-friendly prices by doing affiliate marketing through various people. Advertising pricing can have several different methods. Some of these are those;

Pay per sale

It is calculated according to the amount of products sold after the person makes an affiliate advertisement.

Pay per ad

It is calculated according to the number and duration of the advertisement to be made with the agreed person for affiliate marketing.

Pay per click

The result of affiliate marketing is calculated according to the number of clicks on the referred page or product.

Common Marketing Channels for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes place when people who reach a large audience advertise the brands they use or agree with, based on their own experiences, and set an example for people. These people, who share their usage processes, experiences and effects with the user, inevitably guide other people and promote the product. Instagram, which is one of the most preferred social media tools today, is one of the most widely used channels of affiliate marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing can be carried out through the following tools;


Affiliate marketing, which is generally combined with influencer marketing, takes place by promoting a product through influencers who have reached a certain audience on Instagram. The target audience of each influencer and the product they can advertise varies. While doing affiliate marketing, it is very important for the influencer to share their own experiences, as well as to comply with the wishes of the brand.


Bloggers who have their own web pages and reach a certain audience can reach the number of clicks and see the articles that attract the attention of their readers. Accordingly, bloggers who can negotiate with brands and promote a website, product or brand can direct readers to the website of the brand or product through the articles they write or the experiences they share. Blog pages, which are generally charged according to the number of visits or clicks to the page they refer to, constitute an important part of affiliate marketing.

Paid Search Driven Sites

Sites focused on development and monetization can create the ideal environment for affiliate marketing. Advertisements that will attract people’s attention and directing them to websites help you generate active traffic for your brand.

Major Media Sites

These sites, which are always focused on creating a large and active traffic, also contain a large audience of visitors. These websites direct their visitors in the field of marketing with banners and link redirects. This method will have a superior impression and can make millions of visitors benefit from the referral link. Widespread among brands and websites, affiliate marketing creates a premium revenue stream for both the seller and the website.

Affiliate marketing, which is one of the most used marketing techniques today, occupies a very large place in our daily lives. Affiliate marketing, which can be done from almost any social media, can be used for all kinds of product, site and brand marketing.


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