April 22, 2024

Avoid Amazon A-Z Guarantee Claim by Buyers to Protect Your Account from Suspension

A-Z guarantee claim gives customers a chance to claim against a product that doesn’t meet the standards. A-Z guarantee covers two things –

  • The timely delivery of the product.
  • The condition of the purchased goods.

A-Z guarantee gives customers confidence when they buy something from the affiliate marketer.

The A-Z guarantee claim system ensures that the seller works within the sales guidelines of Amazon. If they violate any of the clauses mentioned below, their account can be suspended. It can take weeks or maybe months to reinstate the account. To abide by the A-Z guarantee system the seller will have to offer quality goods along with good customer service.

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services provides A-Z claim assistance, to protect the account from getting suspended. They also help to reinstate suspended accounts of sellers within 24-48 hours by working directly with the Amazon seller Performance representatives. Their customer service team and in-house lawyers ensure to find the root cause of suspension and prepare a strong plan of action accordingly.

What is an A-Z guarantee Claim?

The Amazon A-Z guarantee claim protects the customer from being scammed. This claim guarantees a refund or partial refund to the buyer.

The scenarios of A-Z guarantee claims are –

  • The item arrived 3 days or 30 days after the EDT or didn’t arrive at all.
  • The item is incorrect, damaged, misplaced, or incomplete.
  • The customer returned the item, but didn’t receive any refund, or the seller is not accepting the refund initiated by the buyer.
  • The customer is unable to return international orders because of incorrect or no address on the label.

How to Manage A-Z guarantee Claim (Seller)

  • The seller has to respond to the claim request within 3 days when Amazon informs the seller through email about it.  If you don’t respond to the email within the time frame, the claim goes in the favor of the buyer and you get demerit points which can lead to suspension of the account.
  • It is wise to refund the amount to the client if it is not a big amount, unless you have proof that the mistake is not from your end. Any negative review can impact your account and its ranking, so it’s wise to work in the favor of the buyer instead of getting suspended.
  • Communication between buyer and seller often solves a lot of problems. It helps in resolving the issue and removing the claim.

Prevention Method of A-Z Guarantee Claim (Seller)

  • The seller should purchase the tracking system to provide details about the shipment to buyers which will keep them updated and satisfied. Ensure that shipment reaches on time.
  • Your ASIN number should be correct and match the products listing. Always provide accurate information on the product description box for transparent buying.
  • Always use the best packaging system because that is the first thing that impresses a buyer once a package arrives. Fragile items should be packed properly with bubble wrap and then in a hard box to avoid damage.
  • If there are any queries made by the customer, respond to them within 24 hours. Seamless customer service often leads to positive feedback.

The best way of avoiding account suspension and A-Z guarantee claims is by providing quality products within the estimated time. Even if there are claims, resolve them immediately before Amazon starts monitoring your account. 

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