Ways to Avoid Common Issues in Linux Web Hosting Services

The way your hosting service is organized has an immense impact on the performance of the website. Mediocre web hosting services may not offer you the desired level of service. In this article, we will look at common problems that you should avoid at the time of buying a Linux web hosting service.

Restricted bandwidth

Some web hosting service provider’s offer restricted bandwidth to the users. Due to which they may not perform at a quick speed. Less than adequate bandwidth offered in a Linux web hosting plan can slow down the website. This can annoy and repel customers. Thus, it is better to look for a hosting provider that offers adequate bandwidth in accordance with the website needs.

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Every service is chargeable. You should not hire a web hosting service provider that charges you more fee for providing a set of services that are available at a low price at any other vendor.

The website hosting provider may trick you by using terms such as “unlimited” data transmission, lightning speed service, etc. Understanding your web hosting needs and what different service providers are charging for those services will help you avoid the mistake.

Lack Of Customer Support

Another important mistake that people do is that they fail to check the quality of customer service. This is important to consider because if any issues crop up during the use, you will need to reach out to the customer service professionals.

Ensure that the web hosting service provider you choose offers you round the clock service to meet your requirements effectively.  Ensure that you can access them through commonly available channels such as chat, call, SMS, etc.

Virtual Private Server Components

When choosing a VPS server, it is important to understand your business needs and make the appropriate selection.

  • CPU

Every VPS comes with a virtual CPU. Its selection should be done based on the operation of the website. A chat, social media, or a gaming website would need a faster and highly efficient CPU than a normal website.  A Linux server has minimal requirements in comparison to a desktop computer. It is beneficial not to go overboard with the CPU predictions.

  • Disk Space

The disk storage helps in the storage of data and servers. Based on the data that a website uses and exchanges, you would arrive at the disk space of the webserver. A game server, voice chat server, or a web server would need plenty of extra disk space than a normal web server.

  • RAM

If you are running several services on the VPS, look for more RAM so that they run smoothly without any interruption. Where a personal website would need 512MB of RAM, a large-sized online gaming community would need around 4GB RAM.


The right web hosting can help in the smooth execution of the business. Learning about these issues and avoiding them will help get better service. Take out some time to compare the pros and cons of different web hosting services to find the best service.