Dedicated server hosting: why should your business invest in one?

Dedicated server and its hosting plans are directed to offer you a personalised experience. It allows you the opportunity to focus on your website and its performance without withholding on your expectation.

The dedicated server hosting offers to manage:

  • Ever-increasing website traffic
  • Web-page load time
  • Error messages
  • Server overload

Below, we discuss in detail more reasons to invest in a dedicated server hosting.

Value for money:

Having a dedicated servers hosting eliminates the option of sharing any resources with other parties. This saves you the extra costs on virtualisation, power, hardware, or management. These comprehensive hosting plans are a great way to manage your website and enhance its performance.

More control:

Investing in a dedicated server hosting gives you complete control of the root administration of your website. It also allows you to have full control of the services, including:

  • Installation and uninstallation of applications
  • Customisation of hardware
  • Optimisation of settings based on your business requirements


Dedicated resources:

Unlike the shared server, dedicated server hosting does not involve third party sharing of:

  • Disk space
  • Processing memory

This helps to maintain the uptime speed and overall performance of your website.

Good speed and connectivity:

Generally, dedicated server hosting does not support virtualisation. This helps to take considerable load off your website; thus, improving the loading speed. It also develops the overall connectivity of your website as compared to cloud or VPS server hosting services.

Simple to understand and easy to manage:

The setting offered by dedicated server hosting in India is free and does not require expert help. Furthermore, hosting plans allows you complete control and managing of the services.

Bundled bandwidth:

When it comes to tracking your bandwidth usage, the dedicated server hosting is the best option. The hosting plans offer business-specific bandwidth and help to make the managing of server hours more simple and efficient.

Enhanced security:

Security is another reason why you should invest in a dedicated hosting provider. Since dedicated hosting providers do not share any server space with other websites, your website’s performance remains unhampered. Furthermore, this hosting option is useful when it comes to:

  • Handling sensitive information
  • Having strong and secure mechanisms for all kinds of cyber attacks 
  • Installing firewalls 

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