The right Choices in the Perfect SEO Packages

Why? Just because when a particular SEO company or Digital Marketing agency is seen at the top of organic search, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be your best match after all. So, without a doubt, the only way to measure your real qualification is by running your own independent research. 

Don’t hesitate to double-check to see your rates and package services will meet your current business needs and global goals that you want to achieve over time. Then, be sure to request your qualified portfolio – consider your actual case studies and current projects. All related information must be transparent and fully traceable otherwise, how would you know they have real industry knowledge, right? Part of the SEO packages  this is important.

Local Citations and Link Building Strategy

And here we are finally entering the most important junction. The thing is that the way to get everything on the spot with local quotes, and the building of high quality links is important, especially for small business owners. So, make sure you have a clear picture of the citation strategy planning and have a clear understanding of the tools they are going to use for that purpose. After all, put a clear emphasis on your personal link building scheme and make it clear how you are doing it for your own small business.

The rest of basic things to check

Since all of the above points are completely clear, here are the rest of the different things for you to know when choosing the right local SEO package that would be best suited to your business needs and global goals. Be sure to touch on the following aspects and think about these most important criteria when making the final decision:

  • Ask yourself if you necessarily need a team of local SEO experts or your search optimization plan may be OK with a remote team of local SEO who know things.
  • Think of your overall budget total, to be estimated throughout the planned period of implementing your customized local SEO package.
  • Specify your own desired duration of the potential contract, correlated with the actual recommendations provided by the experts you are considering hiring.

Make everything clear about the general reporting procedure you will have with them. Consider the basics like all the potential ways to perform website audits and the tracking modes needed to do so, as well as your planned reporting frequency. 


Understand the type of basic metrics they are planning to cover under their common reporting procedure (for example, information on conversions, local ranking positions themselves, reach updates, link building progress, etc.).

Don’t forget to have a clear picture of your ongoing ranking progress in Google’s local SERP for the main top keywords you are targeting over time. How soon will you begin to see your site’s first measurable results in local search?

And what about your future cooperation in case the other local business served by your company too – proves to be a direct competitor to your own company? If this bad thing happens, you may find yourself in really big trouble, particularly when your competitor has a much larger SEO / marketing budget. That is why this issue must be clarified as soon as possible. 


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