Learn to choose the best Ceiling mounts for the projector

Buying a full set of interactive equipment like an interactive whiteboard, and a projector, many people forget about the important point, where will the projector be stored? How it will project the image on the interactive whiteboard? The simple answer is, you need to buy a Projector ceiling mount where a projector can be placed or hung. The wires are hidden in a box, as well as, do not spoil the interior of the room. Projector ceiling mount consists of three main parts – ceiling mounts, rods, and a projector mount.

Need to Place the projector properly

Firstly, you have to place the projector on a table or on a special stand, which is only made for projector. It has a great advantage, which is mobility. The projector can be moved to any room, put on the table, turn on and start the presentation, lesson, study etc.

Choosing a celling mount for the projector

Celling mount is a metal structure in white, black or silver colour, which is attached to the ceiling on one side and the projector is attached to the other side. The universal ceiling mount can support a projector weighing up to 20 kg. Based on what are usually in classrooms, classes, conference rooms, shopping centres, etc. So, while choosing the mount correctly, you need to know exactly how much the ceiling projector weighs, as well as the location of the elements for hanging on it.

Essential aspects keep in mind

Projector should hang exactly along the upper boundary of the working area of ​​the interactive white board, otherwise the image will not be the way you want to see it.

  • The projector should be exactly in the centre of the interactive whiteboard.
  • You have to measure the height of the ceilings, where the installation system is planned.
  • Pay attention who will work at the interactive whiteboard – if these are children, then it makes sense to hang the board below, and if adults work, then you can hang higher.

Conclusion: Choose the best according to your needs

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, and we have given you some basic idea about projector celling mount which will helps you to save your money, and save you from buying a fixture that does not fit your ceiling. So now, you decide what is best to purchase. There are cheapest to expensive products online, so purchase carefully.

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