April 22, 2024

Should You Have A GST Certificate? Collect These Documents To Apply

If your business earns more than INR 20 Lakh, you must pay the goods and service tax as per the latest taxation law. GST was introduced by the Indian government three years ago with a hope that it will improve the taxation structure and boost the economy of the nation in the long run.

It certainly did improve the overall taxation process through an online portal called GSTN, where taxpayers can register and download gst certificate. There has been massive discussion on the impact of GST on small and medium enterprises. Some criticized it because of the delay in returns, while some supported the tax law because it eliminated the cascading taxation.

Since GST is still new and people are not much familiar with its norms, registering on the GST portal can be overwhelming. Some businesses hire tax professionals for GST registration and other tax-related tasks, but most of the small companies can not afford to hire a tax specialist. They are bound to do all the taxation by themselves because of limited capital resources.

Documents Required For Regular Taxpayers

If you are a taxpayer and want to do GST registration, you will need to submit the below-mentioned documents to complete the application and obtain a GST certificate.

PAN Card Details of the Applicant or Business

All the taxpayers must provide their PAN card details while registering for the GST certificate. The GST portal verifies everything you submit in the process with your PAN card, so it becomes critically important that you provide correct details to avoid any penalties.

Identity And Address Proof With Photographs

You can submit documents like PAN, passport, driving license, Aadhaar card, or voters identity card for identity proof. In case of address proof, you can submit a passport, driving license, Aadhaar card, voters identity card, and ration card. The following person needs to provide their identity and address proof during GST registration.

  • Proprietary Concern – Proprietor
  • Partnership Firm or LLP- Authorized, Managing, designated Partners
  • HUF ( Hindu undivided family)- Karta
  • Private Company- Directors, Managing director, and the authorized person
  • Trust – Managing Trustee, Trustees, and Authorized Person
  • Local Authority – CEO or his equivalent
  • Body of individuals or Association of persons- details of all members but photos of only ten members, including that of chairman.
  • Statutory Body – CEO or his equivalent
  • Others – Person(s) in Charge

Business Registration Document

You must provide proof of your business irrespective of the type of entity. If you are running a partnership firm, you must submit the partnership deed. In the case of a company or LLP, the incorporation certificate from MCA is required. For any other type of business, the registration certificate can be provided.

Address Proof Of The Place Of Business

You must provide certain documents as address proof of your place of business. The following documents are acceptable for the same during GST registration.

For Own premises

A copy of an electricity bill, municipal khata, or latest property tax receipt can be submitted in support of the ownership.

For rented premises

A copy of the rent agreement along with the document in support of the ownership of the lessor like the latest property tax receipt can be submitted.

SEZ Premises

If you operate your principal business in the special economic zone ( SEZ), you must upload all the documents provided by the government.

All other cases

In all other cases, you can submit a copy of the consent letter of the owner of the premises along with the document that supports the ownership of the premises of the Consenter like Electricity Bill copy.

Bank Account Proof

Bank Account details are critical to making gst payment online. You must submit these documents in support of proof of your bank account.

  • The first page of bank passbook
  • The relevant page of bank statement
  • Scanned copy of the cancelled check
  • Bank account number
  • MICR
  • IFSC code
  • Branch details

Digital Signature

The GST application must be signed with a Class 2 Digital Signature of the following person as per the type of business.

  • Proprietorship- Proprietor
  • Partnership-Managing partner
  • HUF- Karta
  • Private Limited Company- Managing director
  • Public Limited Company- Managing director
  • Society/Club/Trust- Members of the managing committee
  • LLP- Designated Partners
  • Local Authority- CEO
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership- The authorized person in India
  • Others(specify)- Person in Charge


These are the documents required to apply for a GST certificate. The overall process of GST registration is not as complicated as it may look. If you follow the process and submit the correct document, you can get your GST certificate in no time.

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