Secure Your Kid’s Android Phone Before It Is Too Late

It’s a universal truth that kids and teens love their electronic devices, especially Android phones. The moment they are handed their first smartphones, they feel over the moon because they just can’t wait to explore the glittery world of the internet.

Through their smartphones, they can access the internet and perform several activities. Whether it is about playing online games, texting friends, streaming their favourite movies/TV shows, or watching the latest viral video, they can do pretty much everything with the help of their Android devices.

They can seek entertainment, gain important information, and stay connected with others through their smartphones but the same technology can also expose them to the dark side of the internet. To ensure kids do not enter that dark domain of the internet, many parents consider installing an Android spy app on their devices.

While it would be wrong to keep your kids away from smartphones and other technological advancements, you can hand them electronic devices only after installing parental control and monitoring apps on them.

With parental control and spy apps, you can become a digital parent and monitor everything that your kid does on the internet. You can monitor your kid’s online activities, block unwanted apps and sites, limit screen time, preserve family privacy, and control access to the content your kid can see on the internet.

Besides installing third-party monitoring apps, it’s also advisable to enable the inbuilt privacy and parental control features in the Android devices. However, many parents find it quite challenging to locate and activate those inbuilt features.

In this post, we are going to help you find and turn on those safety features and parental controls so you can secure your kid’s Android phone before it is too late.

Why Secure Kid’s Android Phone?

Kids and teens can get exposed to all sorts of content when they are accessing the internet through their Android phones. One wrong click can take them to a sexually explicit site or inappropriate video. Some kids open the unwanted sites out of curiosity while others mistakenly come across adult content. Whatever the situation is, they should not stumble upon such content at any cost.

On the other hand, online threats such as cyberbullying, sexual predators, pornography, and sexting has become prevalent on social media platforms. Kids must not come across these online threats while using their phones because they can leave hazardous effects on kids’ mental and physiological health and wellbeing.

The only way to protect kids and teens from harmful and violent content online is to keep their Android phones as secure and as safe as possible. Parents should enable the inbuilt parental controls on the Android devices as well as install third-party Android spy apps on them.

Using Parental Controls to Secure Your Kid’s Android Phone

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