Security Features To Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

When businesses get online, they do not only face a tough competition but are also at risk of being hacked. When a website grows, its customers increases and so the opportunities for the hackers for retrieving information that may be crucial for your business.

Though the security plugins and development techniques matter a lot for deciding the security of a website, the web hosting plans also play a major role in assuring the safety of your website. So, you need to choose your web hosting provider accordingly.

When it comes to choosing a hosting company or hosting plan for your business, you have a lot of options. While some may provide you with the guarantee to keep your website secure, others may use outdated servers or poor maintenance techniques thereby putting the security of your website in the hands of the hackers.

A thing that can help you is knowing what to look for to make sure that your hosting company has secure servers. To help you with the process, here we have mentioned the security features you should look for while hiring a hosting provider.


RAID is a technology that is used for data storage and it provides enhanced protection to the data. If, unfortunately, you get your system crashed, even in that case RAID will keep the files secure from spammers and viruses. So, while looking for hosting services, make sure your web host has RAID installed in their servers. A thing you need to notice is that RAID is expensive. So, chances are there that it will not be included in the plan and you will be required to pay an extra fee for that.

Manual Reboot

Manual reboot is a service that allows the users to restart the dedicated or virtual server while using the control panel. It is highly useful when you try to make important updates. Also, in case you notice any issues with the servers, you can reboot your rack. If the problem still remains, then you can contact your hosting provider for support.

SSL availability and support

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It is a protocol that manages and governs the encrypted connection between the web browser and the server. If your website uses SSL, it will provide an assurance of safety to the visitors as an icon of a green padlock will be displayed on the address bar of your website. So, while choosing a hosting provider, you need to ensure that your host provides SSL support and it would be easy for you to deploy an SSL certificate for your website.

Protection from DDoS Attack

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of attack that brings down your web host by loading it with requests. These attacks can bring every website down no matter how large it is. In order to prevent DDoS attacks, the web host providers can use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to help their users speed up the data process and prevent resource-heavy attacks like DDoS. What you need to consider is the use of CDNs is different at the host level and the user level. Therefore, you need to ensure that your hosting provider in India has a CDN partnership, DDoS mitigation protocols and a level of support in DDoS attack.


Even a downtime of a few seconds can affect the success and revenue of your website, however, the loss could be lesser for the start-ups as compared to the big and well-established businesses. Thus, you should look for a hosting provider who guarantees an uptime of at least 99.99%. The provider should provide you with uptime assurance.

Security is essential not only to keep your website secure from attacks and malware but also for keeping the users’ information safe and protected. So, it is crucial to get hosting services from a reputed and reliable hosting provider that provide special attention to enhancing security for your business.

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