April 22, 2024

Has Flutter taken over native app development?

Technology is expanding exponentially. With the latest tech trends being released daily, app and web development aren’t the same as they were few years ago.

The native app development procedure is constantly being replaced by techniques. Flutter app development is one of rising trends. It is a few, open source framework to design app for several platforms with one codebase.

With the launch of newer platforms, the web software development company struggle to come up with faster, simpler development procedures and flutter app development is a part of it.

Flutter vs. Native app development

Take a look at how flutter has affected native app development


The traditional tools and technology makes the developer create an app from the scratch every time you need it for a different platform. This hardens the job of the developer and hampers the efficacy of the app. Flutter app development requires less coding and fewer tools. And, the best part is that the developer doesn’t have to commence the development process from the scratch when developing an app for a new platform. One codebase can be used for all platforms.

UI Elements:

The development procedure has the backing of Flutter. It is supported by plethora or host services of sturdy UI elements to create a personalized user interface. It also decked with widgets to render top notch UI support.

Flutter app development company create highly responsive UI interface designs.

Technical architect

Flutter is backed by Google and has its own support architecture and uses Dark as its programming language while native app development use Java or Kotlin language.

Testing assistance

Flutter has a robust testing platform which permits the development company to test the app at different stages of the development procedure.

Android offers several tools to test the native apps developed by the developers.

Can flutter replace the present native app development?

Though flutter is new in the market but it has caught limelight and seems to be an important part of the app development future.

You can develop app efficiently in less time with this app development framework. It offer better interfaces which adds several benefits to flutter app development and provides it an edge over the native app development process

Though there are a number of benefits of flutter, but there are still some points to consider when choosing a react native offshore development center for flutter app development.

  1. Flutter app development is extremely cost effect and costs way less than native app development procedure.
  2. It doesn’t need any separate development procedure for other platforms. A single app can work on multiple platforms.
  3. If you are low on budget and time and want a feature rich app for separate platforms should possibly look ahead of native app development.
  4. Flutter is decked with features which make it an amazingly reliable option, though not a perfect one yet. It lacks in some features and supports such as video support, maps, accessibility support.
  5. As flutter is new, it doesn’t have a wide community base compared to native development community.

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