iOS or Android – Which App should you build first

If you’re brewing a new idea for a mobile app and planning on building one, there’s probably a chance you’re stuck in the decision of whether to launch it on iOS or on Android. You might be debating before using the services of mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions. The answer simply lays in the objective and goals of your business and who your target audience is. The global usage of mobile phones and naturally the mobile apps has been significant throughout the recent years. The usage percentage is only predicted to rise in the future coming years since more businesses and customers have switched to mobile apps or online platforms. You’ll need to develop very different apps that you can do using mobile app development Dubai, to cater to the two of these operating systems as they both have different requirements. Let’s have a look at some statistics of both before you make your decision because the platform strength will ultimately be part of your success. Mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions will be easy to use regardless of what you go for!

Does Market Share Matter?

iOS currently dominates market shares in US, Canada and Japan over Android whereas Android dominates in UK, South Africa and Europe. However this does not necessarily mean that iOS is a better competitor since a large number from numerous age groups prefer Android over iOS. The gap between the competing operating systems is extremely close. Android or iOS is an ongoing debate going among the users of cellphones since the popularity of mobiles was initiated. You can receive guidance on developing apps using mobile app development Dubai.

However, Apple doesn’t allow third-party manufacturer to use their operating systems in order to make it easier for them to optimize and develop the software and hardware and maintain their compatibility. iOS App store mobile apps are severely limited to the users of Apple which will ultimately limit your audience to only IPhone users. However, this is not the case for Android, the play store is open to more than just Samsung users and it widens the customer base for your app to reach. The quality of app also attracts consumers which can be worked on using mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions.

Ecosystem or functionality

The limited ecosystem of Apple might be an advantage as well since it means there will be far more stability and control of your app on this operating however there will be a lot more restrictions as well for the developer. Apple proves to be more expensive than Android devices thus making it easier for you to recognize your audience. Android ecosystem is less secure but allows more functionality. Android is also known for being an open platform to encourage innovation by developers which allow them to launch and develop apps with fewer restrictions. 

Mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions will ensure your app is developed at high quality. The main goal is to generate revenue, choosing iOS will allow you to charge for downloads while Android stores usually offers more free apps. Android does however allow you to generate income through advertisements and through in-app purchases. Your decision will depend on how you can afford your expenses and what your priority is. Apple is more costly but seems to be more promising to feature new apps while Android values new developers and keeps the costs low and provides more functionality. Mobile app development Dubai will help you achieve your goal no matter which operating system you choose!