April 22, 2024

What are the major limitations of selling on ebay?

It is not systematic on eBay seller accounts, but is applicable in the following cases:

Additional verification to check the products and certify the account (ex: PayPal Verified). Restrictions on access to options on eBay and conditions to be met (ex: limited bid, “ask the seller a question” unavailable, sale blocked for a fixed period, registration of a minimum duration 90 days, performance standards to respect).

Limit applied to the category (ex: perfumes are limited to 400 $ of sale per week and a limit of 10 products or the categories ‘vehicles’ (except parts), ‘real estate’ and ‘SMEs, craftsmen and farmers’ are not subject to limitations). For example, the author’s first item sold at auction was a collection of Turbo gum inserts. An almost complete collection was assembled in childhood, but since then it has been uselessly gathering dust on the shelf.

Limit for certain items (e.g. branded products).

“General” sales limit, capping the number of items on your account, which can be lifted

How to understand the limit of “items” on eBay: in stock value

If you have a restriction or limit with a cap, you must contact eBay support to request the verification procedure and lift the possible limit on the number of items, in order to post to your account. In the case of the sales limit with ceiling, it is a monthly limit which takes into account 3 criteria, which blocks the activity of your account once one of the limits is reached:

  • The number of items sold (limit of units sold).
  • The number of ads in progress (limit on the value of the inventory in stock).
  • Turnover.

Sponsored ads don’t just appear in this format.

Sponsored ads can appear in more than 50 different places on eBay, throughout the buying journey of Internet users on mobile as on desktop. Inside the product sheets for example it is in the form of a carousel. The variety of areas reserved for Sponsored Ads means that ads can be displayed where they are most likely to be seen by potential customers. For selling on ebay this is important.

Avoid the Fake Deals

The main categories in which you will be most likely to find fakes are:

  • Toys
  • Bags (backpacks, handbags, etc.)
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Electronic accessories

The first clue, as noted in eBay Scam, is the price. If you are offered a product for 10 $ when it normally costs 50 or 60, you can be sure that it is a counterfeit. If you get caught selling fakes, eBay will give you warnings at first.

Warnings are often made in the form of temporary restrictions, such as a listing restriction, for example. They are 7, 14 and 30 days depending on the seriousness of the fault. On the other hand, in the event of a repeat offense (3 restrictions of 30 days), eBay will ban your account permanently. And there, there is no call or possibility to come back with this account.

Also, once you are banned from eBay, 30 days after that you will be automatically banned from PayPal and your funds will be blocked for 180 days. Also keep in mind that beyond the illegal aspect, the sale of counterfeits can also represent a danger for your customers.

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