Helpful Photo Editing Tips for Your Smartphone


Photo editing used to be solely done with PCs. Thankfully; smartphones have advanced so much that they are equipped with features that PCs are known for.

Upgraded smartphones can create quality photo results that most professional photographers prefer to use their mobile apps to help them edit their shots.

If you use your smartphone for photo editing, the tips we’ll share here will help you achieve the best result with your device.


  • Attempt RAW Format Shooting


Shooting in RAW format will help you secure all the visual details that will help give your editing a quality result, but shooting JPEG in won’t let you achieve that.


  • Sync Your Camera to Your Smartphone


Wirelessly connecting your camera to your smartphone gives you a more professional result, 

This tip was not feasible a few years ago, but with the advancement in technology, it is now achievable. 

By connecting your camera to your smartphone, you can transfer high-quality RAW images, and you can edit using apps that are compatible with RAW files like Snapseed or Lightroom.


  • Don’t Stretch It


Your phone’s resolution determines the image quality; however, your smartphone’s sensor is not as big as the digital camera.

The smartphone captures a lot of light and visual features while capturing, regardless of the rate of the megapixel. Hence with every altering, the image quality deteriorates. So, to retain the image quality, don’t overdo it to 


  • Back-Up Your Photos


Backing up images in photography should always be treated as a routine procedure in case of loss.

Hence, it would help if you synced your smartphone to Cloud to avoid the painful experience of losing all your files. Cloud helps you back-up your files online, and also gives you access to your pictures and you can always edit them using your PC.

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