April 22, 2024

Guide To Knowing What To Buy: Roomba S9 or i7?

Having recently launched several brand new Roombas, iRobot has switched into turbo mode. The S9+, a better and more powerful robot, arrived not long after the arrival of the i7+, the first model of self disposal. These two versions host the newest, most creative, and most efficient technologies when it comes to robot vacuum technology. This article would run through the main similarities and differences efficiently, along with the two latest iRobot versions, the Roomba S9 vs i7.

  • Model or design. First and foremost, an obvious difference between these two Roombas is the form and nature of each device. With the i7 +, you get the traditional color schemes dominated by black and dark gray, while you get a black phase around the edge with a copper finish in the middle with the Roomba S9+. The Roomba S9 + is the first iRobot model to lack the traditional rounded robot vacuum design.
  • Self-disposal strategy. In addition to the Clean Base, iRobots Roomba i7+ was released, which allowed self-disposal technology. Since then, the only other Roomba that deals with the Clean Base has been the Roomba S9+, implying these are the only two iRobot robot vacuums that have the potential to dispose of their waste by themselves. This was a massively revolutionary step taken by iRobot since they were the first robot vacuum commercial manufacturer to integrate technology. Robot vacuums are being designed to take all the cleaning work, and the self-disposal system is bringing this to a new level. Since Self-Recharge, the Roomba 900 series launched Self-Resume cleaning to allow cleaning in bigger homes more straightforward. If you are uncertain about having this functionality as it adds to the quality, you can always purchase an S9 or i7 and attach it later on. One thing to note is the Self-Disposal is loud, so it is essential to have it in a side room or having it programmed for when you know you are away from home.
  • Engine cleaning. A significant difference between the S9+ and i7 + is the ability to clean the motors and, therefore, the total suction power of each of these Roombas. You have iRobots on the state-of-the-art cleaning system in the Roomba S9+; the Superior 3-Stage Cleaning Engine that is 40 times stronger than the standard 3-Stage device used in the 600 series. This is far better than the Roomba i7 +’s 3rd Gen Motor, which iRobot says is ten times more powerful than the 600 models. This comes into play for those with lots of carpets, especially thicker mats, and makes all the difference.
  • Navigation systems. Any update from the Roomba i7+ to the Roomba S9+ was seen in iRobot’s navigation technologies. The truth is, the iAdapt 3.0 and Imprint Mapping are pretty perfect, and it is hard to imagine what could get done for them. In the Roomba i7 and S9 turret, iAdapt 3.0 uses a camera to map users’ house, recognizing each space and the hazards inside. From this, the algorithm smartly planned the best route to reduce cleaning time. You can then create maps of your home within the iRobot Home app. Imprint Mapping smartly maps what space and allows the user to precisely recognize only one room.
  • Device & Voice Control for iRobot in the house. The Roomba S9+ and i7+ are both smart and WiFi-connectable gadgets that make them a smart home product. The Home App for iRobot has been around for some time, as many of the Roombas are WiFi connectable. It helps all these templates to take advantage of a range of features and roles for remote control. Home app iRobot is exceptionally well-reviewed and reliable.


This is the most critical segment when the Roomba S9 + is being paired with the Roomba i7+. Here we’ll explain the upgrades that may or may not make the difference for your cleaning needs between the two models.

  • The Roomba S9 + has a D-Shaped design with several advantages; more optimal wall and corner cleaning, a corner brush that is closer to the main brush is present, and a much larger main brush. The Roomba i7 + iRobot has a more traditional rounded look that is not as perfect for the factors above.
  • Compared with the less luxurious Roomba i7 black and dark grey color, the Roomba S9 + has a copper coating at the rim.
  • The Roomba S9+ is being fitted with the Superior 3-Stage Cleaning Motor, which is four times stronger than the Roomba i7+, 3rd Gen motor. This can make a considerable and obvious difference on thicker carpets but less on hard floors.


  • Both the Roomba S9+ and i7 + vacuum robots share many of the same premium features and most advanced technologies in a wide range of areas.
  • The Roomba S9+ and i7+ all come with the Clean Base and thus the Self-Disposal system. Without this, all versions can be bought and sold as the S9 and i7 (without the “+”).
  • The S9+ and i7 + Roomba use iAdapt 3.0, Smart Mapping & Imprint Mapping are both presents in the device. This uses a camera to enable the most efficient cleaning routes, clean map reports, and cleaning of the room individually.
  • Both the Roomba S9+ and i7+ can use the iRobot Home software to unlock all of the apps.
  • Popular voice control assistants such as Alexa will use both the Roomba S9+ and i7+.


 You have the S9+ and i7+, which are two of the most excellent robot vacuums on the market, at the top of iRobot’s Roomba Series list. The Roomba S9+ and i7+ are relatively faultless, with state-of-the-art hardware like self-disposal, iAdapt 3.0, and the iRobot Home program. The main differences are the motor cleaning capacity and equipment, and the S9  enhancing D-Shaped style. Either way, this will make a difference when it comes to cleaning your house depends on how many carpets you have.

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