Effective Ways To Announce New Feature Adoption In Your App

App owners know how important it is to keep bringing in new features to retain interest and sustain users. No matter how useful and attractive your new feature is, it would be of no use if it goes unnoticed among your app users or if your users are not aware of all the benefits of it. 

Here, we will suggest a few ways to announce new feature adoption in your app using a feature adoption software:

  • Blog posts: This is one of the most generic ways of giving detailed information about your app’s latest feature. In this blog post, you can include your feature’s description, its uses, and how users can use it.
  • Login screen: Including information about your latest feature on your login screen will make users aware of it and create interest among them.
  • Interactive popups: While your users are using the app, you can showcase the new feature with the help of interactive popups that convinces them to take action. However, make sure it does not come in the middle of a task and it is not very disturbing.
  • Push notifications: Send interesting push notifications to your users. Even if your users have not opened your app for a long time, these notifications will notify them that something’s happening and they can try it out. Make sure that your notifications are timed right and they have an actionable message.
  • Reminder tooltips: These tooltips are contextual and non-intrusive. You can create them using open source options and use them to announce your new app feature.
  • Whatfix Beacon: This is an attractive element that gives you information about your whether your users opened your email or notification or not, did they click on your link, and how many of them turned into conversions.
  • In-app messages: Through these messages, you can explain your users how the latest feature works and how they can benefit from it. Such messages can also prompt your uses to begin a conversation and get the required information.

With a good quality feature adoption software available at Apxor, you can make your latest feature known and accepted among your users. When they know that they can now get more from your app, they will keep coming back to you for sure.

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