April 23, 2024

Bacon Camera


History tells us three factors were considered as essential for human survival. Food, Shelter and Medical care. In today’s world this remains the same but with the progressive development of the camera nobody will disagree if one adds the camera to this list. One only must look around in any part of the globe to realise the popularity of photography amongst all people irrespective of their nationality, gender, profession, or the age. Any event in one’s interest like Social, Official, Hobby, Sports you name it will be captured in photography.

In offering discerning customers with a camera app with many easy-to-use features, the BACON CAMERA which usage will delight one and all alike. Here are those super features BECON Camera app has to offer.


About Bacon Camera

Bacon been a true reflex camera allows ground glass focusing screen on which the image is formed by a combination of lens and mirror which enables the photography scene to be correctly composed and focused. It has scored a first by having manual control for devices that does not support Google camera 2. With this, one will feel how powerful the camera app is with all its features optimised making it like a DSLR but usable by all. Here are the manual controls support features in Bacon camera.

Manual focus allows max control over the images the way the user wants it captured.

Full Manual white balance brings the best colour effect to the image especially the white tone been white without distortion. This applies to the other colours as well.

Full Manual exposure compensation – If one isn’t satisfied with lighting tone of the photo to be captured this feature allows one to make the tone brighter or darker.

Full manual exposure time – Gives the user the full control of three important primary settings been the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Bayer RAW and DNG support – An image is bound to have smaller details in it. For example, an antique chair legs will have artistic carvings. RAW technology will make sure even these tiny details like the carvings will be fully captured in its originality in the image. DNG support will store the RAW pixel image before it been converted to any other format like JPEG or TIFF.

Live histogram feature in the Bacon camera will indicate the amount of the tonal values of the image range from Black 0% brightness to White 100% brightness. Handy feature useful to adjust one’s preference of the brightness tone in an image. Timed shots feature in Bacon supports one to set the timer for the Android camera to shoot the photo at the set time giving one the opportunity to be captured in the image. These are some of the main features that makes BACON camera to stand out.

Download beauty Camera app for TV BOX

You won’t be able to find beauty camera application on Play Store TV or Amazon App Store. Best and easiest way to install your favourite Android camera application on your TV box or TV stick is by using a third-party app store. 

There are not many app stores available for TV boxes. Most of the time you won’t be able to find you favourite camera application on any of those TV app stores. Best and easiest way to install any app on your TV is by using AppLinked or FileSynced. Because those app stores allow to create your own app store full of your own apps and games.

Use your computer or phone to create your own store and download your favourite camera apk and add it to that store. Use AppLinked to install that app on your TV box without any hassle.


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