April 22, 2024

AppLinked – Best Filelinked Alternative

Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices comes with its own app store. Play Store TV for Android TV and Amazon app store for Amazon Fire TV devices. But many popular Movies, TV shows, Live TV, sport and other streaming app not available on those stores. Since Android TV boxes does not come with web browser application it hard to download apps and games you want from internet or websites.

Downloading or sideloading apps on TV boxes are much harder than on phones. Because you have to use TV remote to type long hard to remember URLs, navigate, clicking download button avoiding ads and much more things. What is you can download awesome movies and TV shows apps just typing a simple code? 

AppLinked was developed so that anyone can add files and create their own store. Each store has unique code. No need for everyone to add files to install those on TV boxes. There are plenty of public AppLinked stores full of TV apps and tools. All you have find those trending AppLinked codes. Normally codes are shared within YouTube, Facebook groups, Twitter, forums and reddit.

AppLinked Stores

Many does not like to search and find codes to access stores. That’s why AppLinked comes with its own store without a code. Apps on that public store maintained by AppLinked developers. You will find many popular Android TV and Fire TV apps. 

Home screen of this app consist of two parts as “Menu” and “Categories”. Menu part has “add Store” button. Add Store button used to add new AppLinked codes. Each and every code will remember and saved using this app. Using “Saved Stores” button you can access all added stores using “Add Store” button. If any of the add store is outdated or no longer required, you can easily remove them. If you do not have codes to access stores, you can try public store.

Categories section has 8 categories like Live TV, Movies/Shows, TV Shows, Movies, Gaming, Mixed Content, Adult and other. You can choose any of the categories to check apps you looking for.

FileLinked Alternatives

There are many clones developed to replace Filelinked application. AppLinked was the first to appear. There are other competitive apps like FileSynced and Unlinked. Those two are also same as this application. 

There are different kinds of stores compared to phones. APKTime does not contain thousands of apps. Instead, it is full of streaming apps. Downloader was used to surf internet and download apps you want. It is the easiest Android TV and Fire TV web browser used to download apps like AppLinked, FileSynced and etc. If you are looking for Play Store TV alternative, try using Aptoide TV.


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