What is a Virtual Receptionist & How do they make a Difference? 

Most of the time companies are not able to manage their business calls efficiently. Even after having call centers still they miss important calls of the customers and another type of important business calls. Apart from that, most of their resources and energy are wasted in training the staff members or at the call centers, including the cost of training. So, instead of wasting so many hours and getting into such a hassled setup, the companies should hire a virtual receptionist. Many managers and heads of big firms have specially appointed VR i.e. virtual receptionists to handle their important business calls. It is not just a company that needs a VR even the head of the company needs a VR.

Difference between a VR and AR

So, what is a virtual receptionist? Many people confuse it with virtual receptionist software. There are automatic receptionist / virtual receptionist software also that is available which manages the calls of the customers efficaciously. But that is limited up to attending the calls of the customers and most of the companies have that software already. If your company gets important business calls where there is a need to constantly update them and solve their complex queries, then it is better to hire a virtual receptionist.

Who is a VR

A virtual receptionist is a person sitting and working from a remote location and receiving all your important business calls and dividing the calls accordingly or according to their importance. For instance, if a call is for an important upcoming meeting, then a VR will affirm it on your behalf and will notify you on your device about the meeting. If a call is regarding a particular query handled by your office department, then the VR will route the call to the executive of that particular department. Apart from all of these a virtual receptionist will send you to text messages, & email notifications, voicemail messages, book an appointment, schedule a meeting, and do multi-tasking ( like while on a call sending messages, noting the queries of the customers/clients, etc. )

Handle Calls More Suavely through VR

There are many benefits of a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist always answers all the calls during business hours. So, not even a single call is missed. They are more sophisticated and handle the calls in a more suave manner, which shows professionalism. Plus, VR provides great customer service. Having a virtual receptionist helps you to better manage your time and focus on important tasks or work of the office, rather than sitting and receiving calls and answering detailed queries of the clients. Plus, you also save your cost and resources on training the staff.

The difference in VR

Therefore, a virtual receptionist is helpful in many ways. They greet the customers calling them and they treat the customers calling with care and diligence. A virtual receptionist is a far cry compared to a plain office receptionist. VRs are not like office employees cranky and moody at times who do not receive calls intentionally or hang up the phone. Virtual receptionists are very responsible, they know how to manage all the important business calls, and customer calls efficaciously.