Types of Group Messaging to Utilize for Better Productivity 


Businesses commonly use WhatsApp as their primary tool of communication. This mobile application provides safety and security within the messaging platform. Also, WhatsApp completely substitutes for short message services (SMS) and phone calls between employees. 


Additionally, WhatsApp can boost employee collaboration through the Group Messaging feature. It also offers advanced features that allow employees to share information efficiently and safely. The basic group messaging app feature on WhatsApp makes employees work on a single assignment sufficiently. With this feature, the exchange of information and discussion of related issues and shared digital content is more convenient and secured with WhatsApp call monitoring


In addition, there is also a topic-based group chat for the selected industries, such as finance and government offices, which helps employees share insights with other participants about their current tasks. This kind of group chat is necessary to improve the project’s output because when a topic-based group chat is formed, it can minimize out-of-topic discussions. 


Additionally, WhatsApp has this Broadcast List feature that allows a company to disseminate information and other news updates efficiently. Only the administrator can start the messages and share attachments, while the members can only read and access the content. A member’s response will appear on the administrator’s chat screen but will not be sent to other recipients. This allows sharing of updates to become well-organized and efficient.


With the Group Messaging feature, having a large group will not be difficult to handle in exchanging information as it can reach up to 256 participants. With that, it is easier to know if there are emergencies or critical events where an employee is present before an organization takes action. Moreover, Group Messaging can be utilized based on enterprises and the public sector as an effective collaboration tool that enables employees to be more productive with their tasks.

Telemessage has WhatsApp archiver, a unique feature created to solve compliance and regulation issues. Firms from complex industries, such as finance and customer service, can capture and archive WhatsApp messages through WhatsApp recording. With this platform, an enterprise can still send work-related communications without compromising classified data. 


To learn more about the types of group messaging that can help improve productivity, you may check out this infographic by TeleMessage.