Top 3 Most Popular Memes of All Time

Memes are always useful either to transfer information to the masses or to entertain people. The best part of the memes are, one can say anything through it and let the people get the essence of the information entertainingly. These memes of information can be easily memorized by anyone and also easy to convey the message to the population. Let’s know some of the interesting factors about bomboclaat memes and enlist some of the popular ones as well. 

Important Facts About the Popularity of Memes 

  • As there are several bomboclaat memes are available on the internet and there are many made every day which can get the best recognition, it is nearly impossible to list the names of some based on their popularity. 
  • The popularity of the word “meme” is more than the word Jesus because of its intrinsically interesting factors.  

The 3 Most Popular Memes Of All Time

Although based on certain parameters for measuring the popularity of memes, we have picked up some of the best-known memes along with bomboclaat ones, these are not the final or acceptable for everyone. This is because there is nothing in this world that care perfectly measure the success of a meme and thereby decide its popularity among all generations. Here are some of the most popular memes of all times, 

  • The American Chopper Argument 

It is one of the most popular memes considered especially by the American people. In a program called “American Chopper” which was owned by the Teutul family, Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. had an argument which was later transformed into a meme. The argument is held on the matter of Garfield and Jon Arbuckle. This is considered as one of the best examples of bomboclaat memes.  

  • Success Kid 

There are lots of memes that are made to encourage the students or the people to achieve the goals confidently. One such memes are Success Kid meme. The meme is Quoted with “Not sure if everyone is too happy or I am in a bad mood”. This meme clearly defines that the grief is only inside us and if we can overcome it, we can win the world in our way. 

  • Retire Bitch 

Another of the popular memes that have gone viral overnight is Danny DeVito’s tweet. Although the reason for posting the meme is still unclear, in the year 2013, Danny’s tweet has gone great popularity within the night. 

Revamp yourself with the best memes and try to make one on your own.