October 4, 2023

Things you should know Before buying a Server

As an organization consisting of numerous employees with an internet-based working platform, it is mandatory to have consistent and fast network connectivity. To ensure this, Engineers across the world have developed a device called the server or specifically tower server. These servers are specialized to provide easy and fast connectivity to a restricted range as per its settings.

As an organization, people tend to have the most reliable and efficient product. Therefore, before buying any tower server for your office, a list of factors needs to keep in mind.

These points are enlisted below:

1.     High Battery Life:

In order to have maximum efficiency, the tower server should have high battery life. Therefore, when comparing amongst tower servers, one must look for the battery life of the server i.e. how many hours it can withstand after charging once.

2.     Fast Processor

Since the function of the tower server is to provide fast internet connectivity, therefore it must have a fast processor. Sometimes during peak working hours, the server gets slow down due to internet traffic. To avoid this problem, it is better to opt for a server with a fast processor like SNST3405.

3.     RAM Capacity

In computer systems, RAM stands for Random access memory i.e. all the input/output functions are carried out in it. The more the capacity, the more will be the processing speed. A RAM of 8 GB is believed to be affordable and averagely efficient.

4.     Warranty Period

While buying any electronic item, its warranty period should be taken into consideration. In case of any defect or fault, the device should either get replaced or repaired instantly. In the case of servers, the warranty period of the processor and CPU should be checked.

5.     Power Consumption:

Power consumption is the measure of electric energy consumed by the device in unit time. Since every organization aims to have high efficiency i.e. maximum output with minimum input. Therefore, a device that uses the minimum amount of electric energy is the most suitable server for an office like SNST3403OS.

6.     Security:

Every organization dealing with business or services has a private of data which should be free from any theft. Therefore, the security of the platform is a major concern as all the exchange of information is being done by this medium only. THE server which is going to be purchased should have high-security standards to ensure no hacking of information via any external agent.

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