April 22, 2024

Stationary Notebooks and Binders

Notebooks and binders have been in vogue for office suppliers for a very long time and were the staple. Many office suppliers have grown horizontally to make their own notebooks and binders. It is only in later years that office suppliers have grown to add other products like furniture, computers and peripherals, writing equipment and accessories to their list of supplies and other office supplies.

Stationary Note Books

A notebook is a book or binder of paper pages, either ruled or un ruled used for the purposes such as a recording of notes, writings, drawing or scrap book.Stationary note books come in a very wide variety to suit all purposes and needs. There are special books for accounting, special books for the Lab to intercept notes with drawings etc. They are also the note books with loose leaf binder for ease of organisation. The main types of binding for the note book are padding, stitching, spiral, comb, clasp, spiral and pressure. Some of them also come combined with the types mentioned.

There is a wide variety of style in stationary notebook and one is spoilt for choice.

School and college notebooks are usually standardised and bear the logo of the institution.


A binder is a cover for holding loose sheets together. It is normally hard cover with facility to hold either by pouch, clips or binding together. Here are the varied uses of the binders in office and school:

  • Submitting presentation to the boss or teacher.
  • String correspondence as per client or subject.
  • String an entire years accounting sheet.
  • Filing important documents is simple with binders.
  • Hanging folders and binders allow documents to be categorised and sub categorised in a filing cabinet for quick search and retrieval.
  • Stack and store old documents in large ring binders.

Binders, folders and accessories including dividers and protectors keep all tops of business and personal documents organised and safely stored. Binders come in a variety to suit all needs. With such a variety and choice of brands you may buy binders online. Here are some of the broad classifications to help you choose.

  • They come in a variety of thickness and material.
  • There are stackable and stand alone binders.
  • Binders come with a variety of rings as per the volume and thickness of the binders required.
  • The binders with flaps for display while marketing, and also for easy and frequent retrieval. – like for instance product brochures.
  • Binders come with zips and locks for safety.
  • Handcrafted and cloth binders have a personalized touch and ideal for gifting.
  • Binders come in a variety of colours which help in coding and classifications
  • pocket binder covers and report covers are specially designed for submitting reports.

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