October 4, 2023

MilesWeb Review – Dedicated Server For Incredible Features & Smooth Hosting

Each web hosting service is designed to cater to the needs of websites/applications.

Be it shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, or dedicated server, you choose a hosting service according to the requirements of your website.

Say, if you want to host a small business website, you can go with shared hosting. For the WordPress site, you can opt for WordPress hosting. And if you have a heavy eCommerce website with traffic, dedicated server hosting is a go-to option.

If you host these websites on a less efficient server, it can affect the performance of your website. Thus, it is necessary to choose a dynamic hosting service like a dedicated server for your website. The hosting solution you choose should be able to manage the heavy workloads on the website.

Your website will run smoothly and will not face any downtime issues or difficulties. Among the numerous hosting providers in the industry, I suggest you go for MilesWeb’s hosting. MilesWeb is a leading web hosting company that has 39,032 happy customers globally. They offer cheap dedicated server plans with industry-leading features. MilesWeb is also best web hosting UAE and rest of the world.

Numerous companies offer dedicated hosting services, but they might not fit in your budget. At MilesWeb, you get all the features in one place at an inexpensive cost.

What is a Dedicated Server? 

A dedicated server is a high-performing hosting service catered for high traffic and giant websites. You get complete access to your server with dedicated server hosting. That means all the server resources are dedicated entirely to your website.

With a cheapest dedicated server hosting, you get the best benefits and maximum resources such as CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth. They will be dedicated only to your website and will help to achieve more success in your business.

MilesWeb offers a complete physical server with a dedicated server, which means there is no virtualization and, you get a fully isolated environment. When you opt for MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting, the server is built with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that can handle resource-heavy websites, web projects, databases, video streaming, etc.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server 

  • Manage the high amount of traffic on the website.
  • With a dedicated server, you get more security.
  • You get complete control over the server.
  • Hassle-free customization and configuration.

MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

MilesWeb has sixteen dedicated server hosting plans. The selection of the plan totally depends on your requirements and budget. Thus, you can pick a plan that best fits the needs of your giant website/application. Also, if you have any custom requirements, you can contact their sales team.

If you have an outlook at MilesWeb’s dedicated server pricing, they start at Rs.6,999/mo. The high-tier plan costs Rs. 46,999/mo.

With MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans, you get a lot of benefits. They offer top-notch features and high-quality services. MilesWeb runs offers frequently and, you can take its benefit too.

Here are the features you get with their dedicated server plans.

99.99% Uptime SLA 

MilesWeb guarantees reliability and satisfaction with its service level agreement. With its dedicated hosting service, MilesWeb promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee that is one of the best in the industry.

They give this assurance in confidence with MilesWeb’s robust infrastructure, maintenance and security protocols.

Datacenter in India

With MilesWeb, you get to host websites on the affordable dedicated servers in India based on its financial capital, Mumbai. MilesWeb maintains a data center in the prime location of the country.


As server resources are not shared with any other users, the dedicated server offers a high level of security. Your website will be safe from attacks and fraudulent activities.

Complete Control Over Server

You have complete control over your bare metal server. You are allowed to customize, monitor and configure the server according to your needs. MilesWeb offers full root SSD access with their dedicated server plans. Even you can install web applications and, they will run smoothly.

Host Unlimited Websites 

If you are numerous websites, you can host them all on MilesWeb’s dedicated server. You can move websites from shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting to a dedicated server.

High Reliability 

As you don’t share any server resources with others, you get high reliability for your website. Also, other websites’ traffic spikes will not affect yours and, you will get superior performance for your website.


You can install custom applications on your server with a custom environment. You don’t have to worry about running heavy web applications as they function smoothly.

Hardware Level Control 

Through remote IP KVM Console, you get full root access to your bare metal server.

Free Server Setup 

MilesWeb does not take additional charges from you for setting up the server. Also, you get the freedom to cancel the plan anytime you wish to. There will be no penalty and cancellation charges taken from you.

To Sum Up 

MilesWeb offers the best dedicated hosting service for your high-traffic websites/applications. If you are looking for a reliable yet high-powered dedicated hosting provider, MilesWeb can be your go-to option. You get incredible features and have a smooth hosting experience on their servers. With MilesWeb’s Black Friday Sale, you get a control panel for free with their dedicated server hosting plans.

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