October 4, 2023

Is Your Brand Website Underperforming? 

Most businesses today have a brand website but they do not leverage the fullest benefits out of their brand website. This is mainly because their website exists just for the namesake. They fail to attract the required business through their website. Is your website too under performing and not delivering the expected results? 

There could be many reasons why your website is under performing. Depending on the reasons, it could be anywhere from minor tweaks to a major overhaul. You need to first get the best web designers Glasgow has to offer to take a look at your website so that they could assess the issues or the reasons why your website is underperforming. 

Some of the websites have been designed more than a decade ago and they get outdated both in terms of visual appeal and in terms of the information presented. It is therefore important to bring your website up to date. One of the most common issues of the old websites is that they are not designed keeping in mind the mobile users or users that would access the website through handheld devices. If you have one such website then you need to make your website mobile friendly because more than 50% of website users these days access your website through their mobile devices. Most users complete the buying process through their mobile devices. Therefore, if you should be thinking of revamping your website then making it mobile friendly should be your top priority.

You should also look at the user-friendliness of your website. Is your website user friendly? Or, are your users having challenges using your website? Would they be able to find the information they want or complete the task that they like to complete without having to go through any complications? Get the best company for web design Airdrie has to offer to check the user-friendliness of your website. Are all the pages functioning correctly? If you have ecommerce capabilities, is the shopping cart working correctly? All these basics have to be checked. In other words, you should know what your customers or website visitors are going through when they visit your website.

Further to that, you should also find out how well your website is doing in the Google search results. Does your website enjoy good ranking? Is your website getting ranked within the top ten or twenty listings in the Google search results? If your website does not enjoy good search engine ranking then it could be facing visibility issues and it would be attracting very few visitors, which could be one of the major reasons why your website is underperforming. 

As you could note, the reasons why a website is underperforming could be categorized in to two types. Firstly, people do not get to see your website in the search results and they do not know about your brand. Secondly, when they do come to your website, they are not impressed with what they see. Both issues need to be addressed immediately to enjoy online success. 

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