How to Start Clicking Faster

Fast clicking can be very useful when you use your computer for work or games. It will save your time and make you stronger in online games. In this article, we will tell you what things you can get faster with clicks and how to click faster.

Triple Click

This function is used to select some things in a fast way when you work. When you quickly click 3 times on the left mouse button, then you will select exactly one paragraph. Its size will not matter. To check if this function works, use

Double Click

By double-clicking, you can select 1 word on which the cursor is located. But almost everyone knows about it. But not many people know the window minimization function. To exit the full-screen mode of any program, just click on the top line of any program.

How to Enable a Double Click on the Mouse

To enable double-clicking, just select the “Double-click” item in the “Folder options” menu. After that, the selection of the folder will be carried out by a single press of the button, and the opening will be performed by a double click.

What to Do If Double Click on the Mouse Does Not Work

There may be times when changes to settings are not useful, and shortcuts are opened with a single click, instead of a double click. Such a malfunction may occur due to incorrect operation of the drivers after the update. In order to fix this, you need to select My Computer, Properties, and then Device Manager.

Then you need to open a submenu named “Mice and other pointing devices”, select the connected mouse, and, by right-clicking, remove it. Then you need to restart your PC. After restarting Windows, the connected mouse should reappear in the device lists and the problem should disappear. And to check if everything works, go to 1 second click test