October 4, 2023

How accurate is Geolocation IP and know its major benefits?

Geolocation IP refers to a method used to search for a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet. An IP address is a unique online identifier in any computer connected to the internet. This technology helps you identify the physical address of an individual without asking them. When running an online business, you can make your site friendly using GeoIP technology. In accessing the IP Geolocation database, the information given is of the region, country, and device’s time zone.

Accuracy of Geolocation IP

Accuracy of IP Geolocation Database depends on sources of data use, 93 percent of the country’s level, but declines at the city level. For example, when you look for an IP address in a remote village, it will show the nearest town to that village. In the GeoIP database, you get “ISP” (Internet service provider), which estimates latitude and longitude.

The established database providers either provide services for free or on a paid plan. Free database providers give access to limited features, but if you want more useful and accurate information than you need to pay for the database. You can get access by the use of API or download the database app.

Benefits of Geolocation IP

Unauthorized Access to Prime Content

Through the authentication process, it’s easy to validate the information that is relevant to the reader. If you have an agreement to give information regarding a given region, it is wise to show the user the content is appropriate for a specific area.

 When having a website that gives content licenses, deals with regions you are licensed to according to agreements and arrangements. 

Translating Key Messages to Users Language

Knowing the users’ location helps translate keywords like titles and calls to action, which saves in the reduction of bounce rates and the conversion improvement rate. It is cheaper than having the whole site translated, which will be too time-consuming and require high maintenance.

Regulation Compliance

Different regions have rules that regulate how the websites run. To abide by the rules, you have to check the areas from which the visitors access your site. To avoid some online legal fines, you have to provide the right content to the right users.

Categorize Ads

Categorizing ads, according to the user’s location, is vital in identifying which localized ad suits users. It is crucial in knowing which information about the product you show the visitor like users in one place can get a physical item. In contrast, distant users can get online deliveries.

Using a targeted ad as a publisher is a smarter way of increasing revenue. A targeted ad helps users know that you are introducing a new product on the market. It also informs of any changes made on a product like pricing just for the specific area.

Brings a Localized Feeling

Displaying a country’s name that is of interest to the user attracts attention and brings a localized feeling. You can use location-based landing pages to achieve this.

The location-specific landing pages can be useful in showing users the locations in different places. This feature is significant as it gives your site a better SEO ranking, which in turn increases your conversation rate.

With the IP Geolocation database, you can quickly check visitors’ locations to determine who to allow access to the site, information to relay like currency and language, or redirect the user to a more useful site.

You can use DB-IP, which is an online GeoIP database that has been in use since 2010. It helps to check for IP addresses to look for locations of IP addresses and can be downloaded to access the IP database. 


Indeed GeoIP has a variety of benefits for your business that you’re yet to leverage. There is an excellent power behind those IP addresses that can be of help. Well, if you need more help concerning this, you can get in touch for expert guidance.


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