October 4, 2023

Hong Kong Traditional Businesses Should Leverage From Local SEO Before It Is Too Late

Regardless of whether you are doing internet marketing for a local business in Hong Kong, or elsewhere in the world, search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies with a broad objective – This rather broad objective is to bring more people (who are hopefully target audience of your HK business) to your website for the first time.

In the process, SEO involves the operations being taken for improving your website’s organic search engine rankings (such as on Google and Yahoo) mainly in Hong Kong (i.e. your targeted local region/country). This is often done by an in-house SEO specialist or an agency, or in some cases it is required the consulting of a very experienced Hong Kong SEO expert.

One area to work on is to make your website more friendly for the local Hong Kong audience. The reason is that the friendlier you can make your HK business website for search engines like Google and Yahoo, the easier your website is indexed, the higher your web pages are ranked on Google and Yahoo, and the more web traffic your site will receive. This aspect is certainly easier to say than it is to be achieved.

For traditional businesses that are still in business these days, SEO is no longer an option to be discussed whether it should be done or not. It is a long term internet marketing channel that would have been implemented for many local HK businesses since yesterday. SEO must be implemented and it is mandatory for business success.

know what? Hong Kong companies who have not optimized for local search actually would have missed out on more than 50% of potential new businesses and customers. 

Relevance, distance, and prominence are the three main factors that would have affected the local rankings of a Hong Kong based website.

Local SEO whether it is implemented for HK companies or businesses that are based overseas has a relatively higher return on investment. Your site would certainly achieve higher organically search rankings (based on search queries that are done in Hong Kong), when the well planned SEO strategies are properly implemented. It is essential to build a solid foundation through using tools including Google MyBusiness, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

The SEO operations of any local Hong Kong business has to be integrated with a crystal clear content strategy. In the content strategy, it will involve the planning of the basic content creation and the new and ongoing content creation. In the first part, the basic content must be created and added to form the meat or base of the company website of the business. In the second part, new content needs to be created on a pre-scheduled regular basis. This will become the re-purposed content that are posted through multiple social media sites.


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