Get Your Android App Ahead Of The Competition—Here’s How

Over the course of years, billions of users have turned to the use of smartphones as a new means of communication and commerce in which 73%of these devices are run by the Android operating systemfollowed by Apple based on the current report of As an entrepreneur, having a sufficient portion of this market share of Android users will get you ahead of the competition. But how will you do it? The answer is through launching a mobile application.

Facts about Smartphones

According to the latest survey that was conducted last February 2021, a person spent an average time of 5 to 6 hoursa day using their mobile phones.The activity includes checking their social media accounts, taking pictures, reading news, banking, watching movies, and online shopping. Based on a recent study, sixty-two percent (62%) of these smartphone users have madepurchases through the device. By knowing this, a business opportunity is opened, and seizing it would require your business to have its solid presence online and not just on-site by launching a mobile application as a virtual counterpart.

4-fold Benefits of Launching Mobile Apps for Your Business

A mobile application does not only establish your brand online, but it could also give the following benefits which ensure continuous revenue for your business IF AND ONLY IF done properly:

  • Increase the visibility, accessibility, and understanding of the offered products and services with the use of effective graphic designs. 
  • Provides shopping convenience by delivering values to your customers efficiently through a fast, quick, and easy transaction and payment method. 
  • Fortifies customer engagement and cultivates patronsby enhancing the retail experience through interactive mobile application features such as an up-to-date FAQs section and in-app advertisement.

Establishes your brand that sets your best foot forward in the competition.

The success of your business solely depends on the fluidity, compatibility, agility, and adaptability of yourmobile application to the new technological and economicaltrends.

How People Choose and Retain Apps on their Phones

The degree of an app to be installed by users is different from retaining them on their phones. Below are the common problems that make your potential patrons uninstall your app.

Large storage size and battery-consuming app 

  • Frequent crashes and errors 
  • Poor loading speed 
  • Unresponsive customer support 
  • Incompetency and not up-to-date 
  • Inefficient app monetization strategy

Intrusive notifications and ads

A mobile application can only be an effective and efficient marketing tool if it is made by an experienced team of app developers, marketers, designers, and strategists whose knowledge, skills, and experiences hold the keys to your business success just like the Appetiser’s Android app developers, whohad transformedmany business ideas into multi money-generating ventures by getting their hands on every fabric and phase of your mobile application.



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