April 22, 2024

Get The Competitive Edge with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin

The importance of website accessibility is crucial today, especially after 2019, when the number of users online has increased post the coronavirus pandemic. People with disabilities navigate the Internet differently. They mostly use screen readers and keyboards to identify content and images. As a business owner, it is your digital responsibility to ensure that your users with disabilities face no problems with site navigation.

If you are the WordPress site owner, you know that the platform is excellent for SEO and functionality. However, website accessibility is an area that is often overlooked. As a business owner, you want your site to reach out to as many people as you want. Now, if a person with a disability is unable to access your site, you will lose a potential customer. Imagine in the USA; many such users are looking for products and services online. In case your WordPress site is inaccessible to them, you will lose out on several customers.

No more lawsuits

Many nations across the world have legally made website accessibility compulsory for businesses, or else they are subject to penalties and litigation. In 2018 alone, about 1,053 web accessibility lawsuits were filed in the US Federal Court. The number is increasing, and so if you are a business owner with a website, you must sit up and take note. This is where the accessibe wordpress plugin steps in to help you make your site fully compliant with the web accessibility guidelines of the country.

WordPress accessibility

WordPress accessibility is indispensable for every website owner, not only from the point of business credibility but ethically as well. Everyone should have the ability to access your site, and this is one of the top reasons why you must make website accessibility a priority.

Every new and updated code on WordPress should comply with the guidelines laid down under WCAG, according to the WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards. Besides these guidelines, accessibility does not mean it is a one-sided obligation. When you focus on WordPress accessibility, you are able to enjoy the following advantages for your site-

  1. About 15% of the world’s population has a form of disability. When you focus on WordPress accessibility, you are able to attract more inbound traffic from a larger segment of people.
  2. It boosts SEO success. Search engines prioritize sites with good web accessibility and penalize sites that do not pay attention to them.
  3. The user experience is boosted to a large extent. This is something people online expect from professional sites.
  4. The general usability of the site improves for those without disabilities. Even they are able to get an improved user experience and readability with your site. So, in short, it is a win-win experience for everyone.

The accessibe wordpress plugin’s unique features help your business get a competitive edge in the market. Boost sales opportunities and ensure that everyone with a disability can reach out to you without hassles.

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