April 22, 2024

Fast Clean Android for More Performance

Cleaning Android cannot be done manually. Because cleaning is not removing unwanted apps, photos and videos. It includes more files than you think. For example, it includes caches, residuals from system and app updates, residuals from uninstalled apps, apk files, downloaded files and more. Best and easy way to have cleaned Android storage space is by using an effective cleaning application like Clean Master. Cleaned or junk removed Android phone has many benefits like extra free storage space, performance boost and better battery life.

You can install latest version of Fast Clean Booster apk from play store. Just open and search this app name. You will see this app appear on search results. For devices that does not have Google play services can use other app stores like AC Market or Aptoide. Both are completely free and easy to install any Android app or game you want for free.

Many cleaning applications comes with other essential features apart from junk removal. Because those features too help to have safe and performance boosted Android device. Below listed some of the features of Fast Clean Booster.

Features of Fast Clean Booster

Battery Saver – Many phones lose its battery power even without using it. Some experienced fast battery discharge at ideal even after having new battery. Sometimes problem is not with your device battery. It may cause by running applications and background tasks. This feature can hibernate battery intensive tasks for better battery life.

CPU Cooler – What is CPU cooler and how it does helps you? Function of CPU cooler is to cool down your phone. Android devices may get hot even without using it for much longer time. It is because when the stress or workload of the CPU is higher, it tends to heat. That heat dissipates through phone body. Use CPU cooler feature to close or reduce CPU stress. That will reduce heat generate from CPU.

Speed Booster – This feature booster device performance by closing or force closing resource intensive processers. Freer RAM and CPU will help to run apps or games faster.

RAM Booster – RAM is the most important resource on your device for performance. Most of the time devices get stuck or lag due to low RAM. You can clean tasks or apps that use RAM to free up RAM. 


Apart from above features there are other features like cache cleaner, Optimize, Phone Booster and etc. You can use this apk on Android TV boxes for smooth streaming. Use Filelinked or Aptoide TV app to install any cleaning apk like Clean Master on Android TV boxes, Firestick and Google TV. For more visit: https://www.dialapk.com/

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