April 22, 2024

Cyber Security Solutions Are A Must Have For Sustainable Online Asset Protection

Cyber Security Solutions

When you try to protect something valuable, you go out of your way to ensure that nothing and no one comes near it. For example, teaching your children self-defence or even taking a self-defence class yourself means you are taking appropriate measures to prevent the prevalence of violence or crime against you and your family. To be honest, it can sometimes be difficult to feel safe in a society where crime is evident and persistent, and some people may even be hesitant to walk their dogs in the evenings or simply take a stroll to the corner cafe to buy a snack because the fear of being targeted is overwhelming and frightening. In the same essence, your business needs to protect itself with innovative cyber security solutions to prevent infiltrators from accessing your confidential information. Every part of your business is confidential as it directly contributes to your business’s success, growth and profitability, and the safety of your employees. 

Simnet provides extensive cyber security solutions to their customers and ensures that their firewalls are impenetrable. In addition, around-the-clock management services are available for businesses that want to focus solely on other aspects of their business without worrying about a compromise in their cyber security. 

Contributing Factors To Poor Cyber Security

One of the most popular online security measures is a password. Most servers require a password of at least twelve characters with lower and upper case letters and a number. Unfortunately, creativity and memory are not a strong suit for many people, so weak passwords are often a leading cause for hacking and infiltration. Typical passwords are the names of your pets, your birthday, your parent’s name, and some have even gone so far as to use their own name and social security number. Unfortunately, these minor flaws in your cyber security are easily avoidable, so make security information available to employees and encourage strong and complex passwords, especially for confidential documents. 

Another contributing factor is clicking on links in malicious emails or visiting malicious websites. Unfortunately, malicious emails may appear legitimate, but the aftermath in the coding and destruction of the infiltrating virus can have significant detrimental consequences for your business. Without proper cyber security management, malicious emails may slip under the radar, and your servers will be riddled with viruses before you even realize what has happened. In addition, hackers may hold your documents and confidential property for ransom in exchange for financial gain, potentially hurting your bottom line and profitability. 

Benefits Of Managed Cyber Security

Investing in cyber security either to prevent another threat or to steer clear from hypothetical attacks is an investment that comes with a significant return. With the right cyber security management solution for your business, you can move forward with around-the-clock assessments, vigilance and prevention so you can rest assured that your business is safe. Stopping a threat dead in its tracks and supercharging your firewall to detect adware, malware, and suspicious behaviour ensure your business is never compromised or victim to hacking or cyber threats. In addition, employees feel safer sharing documents online with encryption solutions and thus promotes productivity and greater morale in the workplace. Also, you cannot overlook the cost-saving advantage of cyber security measures, as the less infected hardware you have, the fewer replacements you have to provide for your business. 

Cyber security solutions are essential for asset protection and safeguard your business from potential threats and dismantlement. Here at Simnet, we provide extensive security solutions for your business, either as a managed service or as an extension to your existing cyber security platform. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help protect your assets. 

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