Best Computer Spy Software in 2020 TheOneSpy Review

Computers are the best source to store and maintain data and to perform tasks for the accomplishments of projects/ assignments. People used it at home to learn things, record their important data, for accomplishing tasks. As we know the computer is the most useful device but still, people start misusing it. Mostly teens and employees are found in inappropriate activities on PC.

There are sophisticated computer spy app in the market which is facilitating millions of people with their unique quality and reliability. TheOneSpy is the best spyware that is the preference of many people. It alerts about upcoming threats and enables the user to do something to protect or prevent their loved ones from danger.

Here we will deeply look at TheOneSpy computer spy software and prove that it is the best spy software for 2020.

TheOneSpy Computer Spy Software

TOS provides the best protection for your loved ones and employees. As its preliminary alert the user about inappropriate activities performing by the targeted person. User can monitor what are their kid’s secret friends or to whom they call secretly on Skype, or which type of games they play etc. likewise employers used TOS to track how does their targeted employee spend working hours on a computer or what do they do on PC beside jobs work or to see that employee is not in contact with any competitor organization or with any unknown.

Besides parents and employers, an individual also uses TOS for their PC to record their important activities for the future. Or sometimes data gets out or hacked, so in such cases, TOS also facilitate individual by keeping their data safe.

Main Features of TOS for Computer Spying

TOS’s powerful features are behind making it best for 2020 as well. Here we listed some advanced features of TOS computer spy software. Surround Recorder to record surrounding voices.

  • Multimedia Tracker
  • Activity Logs 
  • Windows Key Logger 
  • Screen Recorder 
  • Location tracker 
  • Installed Applications viewer 
  • Screenshots Taker
  • Browsing History  
  • Email viewer 

Why should TOS computer spy software be the first choice? 

TOS is the leading software which gives preference to the user’s privacy, quality features and service.  70% of users of a spy technology prefer TOS as it helps users with real-time and reliable information on which a user can confidently rely as well. Let’s discuss some unique things about TOS which differ it from other competitive software.

  • Easy setup and usage

It’s given information on its official site and installation process are much easy that any person can easily understand and get benefit from it.

  • Real-Time Tracker

TheOneSpy provides information at the right time when it does require by a user.

  • Screenshots on demand

Sometimes a user sees that their loved one is doing any inappropriate activity, so they can instantly take a screenshot of that activity.

  • Online/Offline Monitoring

For many spying software, internet connectivity is necessary. But TOS facilitate users by providing offline tracking feature as well. 

  • Mighty Alarms

A user can set alarms on specific activities that their targeted person usually performs.

  • Website blocker

It helps users to prevent or protect their targeted person from watching harmful or useless content.

  • User- friendly Reports Maker

A user can get a report of any or all activities of targeted PC according to the package like monthly, quarterly and yearly report.

Installation Process of TOS Computer Spy Software

TheOneSpy computer spy software has an easy installation process that user can install it within 3 minutes after getting it.

Step 1: Visit the TOS official Website.

Step 2: Select a suitable package according to your system version.

Step 3: Get the subscription of the selected one.

Step 4: Install in targeted Computer according to given instructions.

Step 5: Activate features from the user cloud account.

After following the easy steps, you will be able to monitor targeted computer activities immediately and accurately.


We concluded that in 2020, the TOS Computer spy app will be at the top, as it has successfully maintained its position from many years. It provides the exact desired results at a user’s cloud account without making any noise. It puts the user’s worries away and makes a perfect image in users mind that user will come again to enjoy it.

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