April 22, 2024

Are Offices Becoming Obsolete Unnecessary in 2021?

As work from home and remote working is becoming the new norm, many companies have started to think if office based work has become obsolete. Future workforce study of Dell and Intel have come to a conclusion that technology is playing a major role in working remotely. The younger population or the millennials are looking ahead of the conventional office rules and want to engage working from home.

Previously, everybody though coming to the office physically and working would only help in increasing productivity. With time however, things have started to change and people have started to realise how work from home is having a positive impact not only on the productivity of employees but also business in general.

Remote work has become beneficial not only the companies but also for the employees. Considerable amount of time, effort energy and money is saved when people do not have to travel far to reach their workplace. Since most of the work is possible with the use of technology, many companies do not see the point in calling the employees all the way, when the same work can be done from the comfort of their homes. If you want to know more details about companies that prefer remote work, you can visit here indeed.com where you will find a list which you can go through.

Why Remote work?

Most companies are choosing remote work due to the advantages and liberties it provides to the company as well as the employees. The first reason is productivity. The employees can choose their hours and timings of their work. This automatically puts the employees at ease and they are able to perform better than they used to. It highly increases employee engagement and they do not feel stresses to perform during particular time of the day. Secondly, it is cutting cost for the company since, electricity, employee pick-up and drop services and also rent of the company space is saved. The employees also save up a lot of energy and money when they do not have to commute to far places for work. So remote work ends up providing benefits for both the parties. To know more about how you can successfully work remotely you can go through the site of Work examiner, that will give you more tips on the same, or you can also request a demo, which will give you a better idea.

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