April 22, 2024

4K Gaming Monitor or TV Monitor: what to choose?

Both 4k gaming monitor and TV monitor has been there in the market for a long time. But with the rapid advancement in technology, the 4K gaming monitor is taking the front seat. 4K gaming monitor is surely one of the best choices to make when finding out whether you should opt for a normal one or 4k one. Of you are a hardcore gamer, it is extremely necessary to choose the 4K gaming monitor rather than a normal one.

But why is 4k gaming monitor better than the TV gaming monitor? Let us look at some of the reasons.

Screen Size

A pro-gamer surely looks at the size of the screen before proceeding with the best one. Choosing the wrong sized display can have a negative impact. The size of the screen also depends on how far you are going to sit from the display while playing the gaming. The TV gaming monitor usually tends to have a small size but there are other options too. However, it is necessary to determine that the 4K gaming monitors from the very beginning have been available in a bigger size.

Response Time

Would you like it if someone interferes while you are in the midst of a game? Of course not. Fast response time is extremely important as it helps you get a closer look at the image and proceed accordingly. They provide fast response time with smooth pictures and easily moving images. Considerably, the TV panels have IPS with high response time and a slow one which can eventually have a negative impact on the resolution. This often leads to screen tearing which is extremely dangerous.


The presence of connectors has a huge impact on differentiating between gaming monitors and TV. Televisions usually function with HDMI to offer video signals, ranging from simpler ones to analog. However, there are different types of connectors with a gaming monitor such as that of DisplayPort or Type-C or HDMI. Compared to TV, the gaming monitors seem to have a number of ports so as to receive better signals. However, monitors are meant for multimedia consumption.

What should you choose?

When it comes to choosing between 4K gaming monitors and the TV ones you should surely opt for 4K gaming monitors. These eventually tend to have a much bigger impact and can change the entire perspective of how you play the game. Do your research, consider your budget and then proceed accordingly.

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