Can You Start Your Own Hosting Company with Reseller Hosting?

The main purpose of reseller hosting is to start own web hosting company. Choosing the right web hosting company may not guarantee a boosting the business, but it does help in avoiding the consequences that you may face by using the wrong host. Thus, to perform well on any website, you need to choose a web hosting carefully and not on the basis of its price alone.

If a web hosting offers all the important features, then pricing should not be the only parameter to look for. Web hosting parameters that actually affect a website are speed, uptime/downtime, availability of latest software, etc. that is the reason if regularly need to keep an eye on it. As a web hosting user, you must immediately contact your hosting provider as soon as you notice any problem in your site. Most providers make sure that, their users don’t face many problems, but you must not assume that the provider is aware of everything about you. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the provider is available for 24/7 technical support service.

In case you are not ready to take a risk by entering into a long term contract with a web hosting provider for like 2 to 3 years, then choose an option where you will be able to pay the amount on monthly basis. Thus, it necessary you clear all your doubts with the provider before making any kind of payment. But, make sure you don’t end up switching from one provider to another very frequently as the migration may affect your SEO performance in a negative way. Thus, to avoid all the confusion I recommend you to go with MilesWeb cheapest reseller hosting or anyone that suits your requirements.

Now let’s look at the web hosting parameters that you must check before selecting linux reseller hosting :

1) SSL certificate

SSL certificate safeguards the website data by encrypting it. Thus, during the data transmission between your website and visitor’s site, SSL makes sure that data doesn’t get leak or no one would be able to decode it.

Additionally, search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. gives higher weight-age to the sites with SSL certificates in ranking factors. That means websites with SSL certificate ranks higher than websites without SSL certificate. This is the reason, SSL certificate has become an important parameter of the SEO performance of the site. MilesWeb provides a free SSL certificate with all its web hosting plans.

2) Uptime/Downtime

Uptime is defined as the percentage of time a website is accessible on the internet. Downtime is the opposite of uptime, which means it is the amount of time your website remains non-accessible on the internet.  Search engine spiders visit several times a day on your website. So, in case they visit your site during the downtime then spiders will make a record that your website is inaccessible and directly move on to another site. If this happens repeatedly then your site gets flagged that it is an unreliable site and may get banned. Search engines don’t consider such sites for SEO performance and after some time the site may not get display on search engines too.

Therefore, uptime above 99% is a must for the website. Even 99% uptime means, that in the course of a month a site can’t be accessed for 7 hours. Thus, MilesWeb provides 99.95% uptime that ensures a website remains online all the time. You may find some hosting companies offering 99.99% uptime, but it unreasonable deal, so don’t fall for it.  

3) Datacenter Location

While ranking a website over the internet, the search engine considers the website location. So that it gets easy to find nearby sites for the users. For example, if the user is based in the UK and makes a search for anything, then search engine displays sites near to him at a higher order. Thus, in such a case, a website hosted on the UK datacenter location will perform better over sites hosted on other locations. With MilesWeb, you get a choice to select a datacenter location from USA, UK, India, Singapore, Australia, and Canada, during the sign-up process. I will always suggest you choose the nearest server (datacenter) location, as search engines check whether the site is near or far before ranking.

4) Speed

If you are taking the business online, then make sure the website has good speed. A poor website performance increases the bounce rate that affects SEO poorly. It is considered that the web page of any site must get load within 3 seconds, in order to maintain a good user experience. This is the reason, every website at MilesWeb gets hosted on SSD drives. These drives enable a site to accelerate at a rate of 200% faster than traditional drives.

Wrapping Up :

Speed, Uptime, Datacenter location, SSL certificate are considered as some of the important web hosting features, that every website must have to get better website performance results. Apart from above explained features website also needs a good web hosting provider’s support that makes sure that the site doesn’t get infected with any kind of virus. 100% white label is mandatory for reseller hosting.  MilesWeb provides 99.95% uptime, 24/7 technical support, and 30 days money-back guarantee wilt all their web hosting plans.

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